Ah Scandinavia, socialist utopia, where cops search for pizzas which cost less than 6 euros. Reason? Lost tax revenue

The state always wants its slice.
The state always wants its slice.

There are many people who still buy the whole “we pay taxes for a better society” bit. It’s what we’ve been taught since we were children – officially. And yet another group of us, as we get older particularly and as we pay more in taxes, see what taxes really are all about. Specifically, that taxes are tribute paid to the powers that be. And this is more and more the case.

All those lavish pensions which need to be funded for retiring baby boomer public employees in cities across the country? Guess what? Those former employees are going to want every dime. And they vote. Sooner or later we’ll probably see cops in this country on pizza patrols too (or the equivalent) as city hall squeezes the remaining (non-retired, private sector) citizenry.

Get out of the old cities now if you can.

(From The BBC)

The new campaign, which is being publicised on police social media accounts, asks people to inform officers if they spot a pizza on sale for under six euros (£4.50),national broadcaster Yle reports. “Unless a pizza is on temporary sale there is no way a legitimate establishment can offer pizza for less than six euros,” Det Insp Minna Immonen of the Uusimaa police department is quoted as saying. Police are trying to crack down on the “grey economy”, which costs the country millions of euros in lost tax revenue each year. They also want people to make sure they get a receipt for their pizzas, regardless of value.

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