As Ryan takes over, can he tame the reckless Establishment?

Ryan cc

We expect more of the same from Speaker Ryan, but we hope for the best. Indeed if Ryan can get the big spending establishment under reins this will be an historic achievement. Truly something to be proud of. His position in history will be unique. And you know pols love that sort of thing.

We think it is possible that Ryan has it in him. Possible. Not probable though.

(From The Washington Examiner)

The bipartisan establishment has created a system where policymaking is often done in exchange for campaign contributions. Those who can’t afford to hire a former congressman as a lobbyist thus get crowded out.

Then when popular sentiment rises up against Washington, the bipartisan establishment blames it on the “ideologues” and the “bomb-throwers” in the accursed “outside groups.” The gall of those “outside groups” engaging in political debate without a permission slip from the insiders.

Speaker Ryan is no outsider. He’s a former Hill staffer who takes the gavel with the blessing of the current establishment. He voted for this budget and for the bailouts and the overspending of the past.

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