Ben Carson Wants to “Intensify” the War on Drugs

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The War on Drugs is fundamentally a war on the American people. It is a disastrous policy which likely has ruined many more lives than drugs have. The “war” is also deeply crony. The main reason drugs remain illegal – mostly – is because large vested economic interests want it that way. The police, the DEA, various other law enforcement agencies, lawyers, treatment centers (in some cases), drug companies (in many cases), illegal drug dealers (who go out of business with liberalized drug laws) all have their bread buttered to a greater or lesser extent by the drug war.

Whether to use drugs or to not use drugs is the choice of a free person, a grown up. We are supposed to be a free society. If one believes in the Constitution, as it is actually written, the war on drugs clearly is anathema to the document. If one loves big government and bureaucrats legislating every aspect of human life, then by all means, keep the supporting the draconian drug war.

(From Reason)

Presidential contender Ben Carson told Glenn Beck that he wants to “intensify” the war on drugs. 

Robby Soave blogged Carson’s controversial remarks about using the federal Department of Education to eradicated political bias from the academy yesterday, but elsewhere in the same Blaze interview (starting at about 1:30) the brain surgeon/book writer/Iowa poll leader reiterated his intention to double down on drug prohibition:

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