Boehner does it once again, joins Dems, finds a way to increase spending, debt

Boehner green cc

But it wasn’t just Boehner who sold out taxpayers. The GOP Military Industrial Complex guys made sure they got their money along with the Democrats. More spending. More government. More insider dealing. More crony capitalism.

More debt.

It’s not a done deal officially yet but it’s basically done.

And the Ex-Im Bank will likely be revived with thanks to a bunch of big government Republicans too. That vehicle of obvious, blatant crony capitalism will likely live again because Boehner didn’t really care about the bank (or at least killing the bank) and he allowed big government Republicans the space to move in the House.

Anyone want to guess whether the soon to be former Speaker will be turning lobbyist shortly?

(From the AP)

A coalition of Democrats, Republican defense hawks, and GOP pragmatists appeared poised to power the legislation into law over opposition from the tea party forces that eased Boehner out.

“We can’t stop it. He’s in league with the Democrats,” Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., said of Boehner. “I mean I don’t think there’s anything you can do at this point.”

But Massie also said “it’s a long game” and conservatives were winning the war as they had forced Boehner to resign…

…The budget side of the deal is aimed at undoing automatic spending cuts which are a byproduct of a 2011 budget and debt agreement, and the failure of Washington to subsequently tackle the government’s fiscal woes. GOP defense hawks are a driving force, intent on reversing the automatic cuts and getting more money for the military. A key priority for Democrats is to boost domestic programs.

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