California Cities Block New App that Fights Parking Tickets

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Don’t mess with City Hall’s revenue stream. Parking tickets are the sweetest plum.


From the “innovative” tech hub of San Francisco, California – another tragic story of an app created and an app banned.

On the chopping block this week is Fixed, a website and app that helps you “fix” parking and speeding tickets from your mobile phone. Ticketed users simply upload a picture of their ticket to the app, wait for an agent to review their ticket and are then matched with an attorney in their area to dismiss the ticket and penalty points. So far, the app has helped dismiss over 10,000 unlawful tickets

…“When Fixed began faxing its submissions to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) last year, the agency emailed the startup to stop using their fax machine. When Fixed pointed out that it was legal to do so, the agency simply shut off their fax,” reported TechCrunch.

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