Carly Fiorina: The Powerful Grow Big Government, The Powerless Get Crushed

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We don’t support candidates, we will leave that to the public, but we do appreciate that more and more candidates are agreeing with us that the central problem we face is crony capitalism.

(From Real Clear Politics)

CARLY FIORINA: Let’s be honest, the progressive policies of this administration have made income inequality worse, not better. The policies of this administration have harmed every group they claim to help. Women, African-Americans, people who are grinding it out in the lower middle class.

The truth is also this: crony capitalism is alive and well and flourishes under big, powerful government. Because the bigger government gets, the more powerful and complicated it becomes, the more true it also is that only the big, the powerful, the wealthy and the well-connected can handle it and the small and the powerless get crushed.

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