Department of Labor Will Be Able to Garnish Wages—Without Court Order

Look alive boys here come the Feds!
“Look alive boys here come the Feds!”

The IRS does this which is bad enough. But the Department of Labor?

As the state grows ever larger its tentacles reach into every nook and cranny of life. The tendency is always toward more – more power. This is how agencies rate themselves relative to other agencies. The IRS does that? Well we should be able too! We’re just as good as those guys.

Got to keep up with the bureaucratic Joneses.  So what if it costs the American people their way of life and every dime in their pocket? We’re Washington!

(From The Weekly Standard)

A new study by Sam Batkins at the American Action Forum (AAF) explain’s DOL’s new rule. “Today, the Department of Labor (DOL) officially published a rule that allows it to garnish the wages of employees who owe the agency money ‘without first obtaining a court order,'” explains Batkins. “Those are the words of the rule.”

He notes that under this rule, DOL “could have the power to withhold up to 15 percent of an employee’s wages.”…

…”Wage garnishment by the IRS might make sense, but non-tax debt to EPA and DOL? All of this without first appearing before a judge? Despite the agencies’ explanations, there are still countless questions about this intrusive new power.”

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