Documentary: Farming in Fear (Government harassment on the shire) VIDEO

Not too shabby eh?
Not too shabby eh? No wonder the politicians want to take it from her.

I lived just down the road from this farm for 3 years. Faquier County is an idyllic, pastoral area. Just outside of the DC suburbs it is extraordinarily beautiful and the kind of place childless couples drive their BMW convertibles through on warm sunny fall afternoons. It’s a land of wineries and estates. And it is a place where families have held large swathes of land for generations. These families can be at times hostile to anyone who wants to do anything other than raise Arabians on their land. This is the situation here.

Though this woman appears to be in compliance with her easement paperwork some in the county have a beef with her and as such she has been singled out by the county. This is her story.