French people are so underworked it’s leading to clinical depression

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I was recently going through the checkout line and I overheard the cashier talking to the bagger. “Man, if I could just get paid for doing nothin’. That’d be sweet.”

I looked right at the cashier who was all of 18 or so and I said that I disagreed. A really sweet job was one which provided a living while one did meaningful and enriching work. Doing nothing is boring.

Both the cashier and the bagger agreed that meaningful work was better than doing nothing. Then we talked about cars.

It doesn’t surprise me that many who are employed in government mandated (more or less) “make work” jobs are depressed. Granted, having a boring job is better than having no job. Not being able to pay one’s bills is a recipe for unhappiness to be sure. But part of being a full person – I am almost 40 at this point so I think I can say it with a bit of authority – is doing something everyday which is meaningful in one way or another.

At least that has been my experience.

(From The Independent)

Professor Bourion believes France’s tough employment laws are partially to blame. Excellent worker rights make it extremely difficult to fire employees, even when they have nothing to do.

France’s six million public sector workers – whose jobs are often created to keep down the unemployment rate – are particularly at risk

“I’ve got a well-paid job . . . but when I get to work at 7.45am and by 8am I’ve read all my mails and I’m wondering what I’m doing to do for the rest of the day, it’s depressing,” said a local government officer who participated in the study.

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