Generally Lefty Mediaite Says: Charles Koch Actually Seems Kind of Awesome

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As we’ve said many times, we have no affiliation with the Kochs. Though we think that generally speaking they do a heck of a lot of good and are not at all the evil ghouls those shining citizens Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid make them out to be. I’ve read David Koch’s (last) book which explains his management philosophy and found it valuable. Generally speaking I like the Kochs and have for a long time.

Sacrilege! The Kochs are evil! Evil I tells you!

That has not been my experience. And Charles Koch’s take on the big government “conservatism” of George Bush, and on the need to challenge crony capitalism, are right on in my book.

(From Mediaite)

As part of CBS Sunday Morning this weekend, billionaire Charles Koch did a rare sit-down interview with Anthony Mason. I was struck with Koch’s willingness to open his home, office, and business philosophies to a national audience; that is, until I realized that his new book Good Profit: How Creating Value for Others Built One of the World’s Most Successful Companies comes out tomorrow. Even in this rare glimpse of humanity and personality, the dollar seems to rule all decisions.

Regardless of the clear attempt to humanize an otherwise reclusive and little-known figure on the eve of his next book’s release, the interview was exactly what Koch (presumably) was hoping for: showing a well-natured side of the man that Mason called representative of “corporate villainy”. Here are my top takeaways from the CBS interview.

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