GOP finally finds something it will fight Obama for, Too bad it’s more government spending

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We have a massive military. We have bases around the world. We have by far and away the largest military in the world. And the main reason this is is not because of threats to “American interests” but because defense spending is how Republicans (and Democrats too) distribute tax money to their constituents. It’s an ugly truth, but it is the truth.

Yes the “defense” of the country is expressly enumerated in the Constitution. DEFENSE. Not empire. Empires are costly for the citizenry of a country, at least the citizens not in on the deal. But who cares, spend away. Like Dick Cheney, and Paul Krugman say, “deficits don’t matter.”

You know and I know of course that deficits and debt do in fact matter otherwise we wouldn’t have to gather any tax revenue, but politicians want to spend. And “defense” is the preferred way to spend for many Republicans.

And by the way, if you want to see where the money really goes take a drive down Route 28 next to Dulles Airport sometime and you will see it. Shiny office building after shiny office building filled with defense contractors.

At the end of this spectacle of glass, steel, and tax dollars is a Ferrari and Lamborghini dealership. I wonder why?

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(From The Washington Times)

Republicans want more money for the Defense Department and have proposed classifying some of it as emergency war spending, thus helping circumvent the 2011 debt law’s automatic “sequester” cuts. Democrats insist that if the Defense Department gets an increase, an equal amount must go toward domestic spending. Such a move would require breaking the sequester caps outright.

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