In Denmark banks will actually pay YOU to take out a mortgage

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But before you hop the next tramp steamer to Copenhagen consider whether interest rates at -.75% and 60% increases (over 3 years) in housing prices are indicative of a healthy economy. But hey maybe you want to kaste terningerne. There are worse places to be stuck in a housing bubble collapse.

(From Zerohedge)

He is not alone: “Denmark’s biggest mortgage bank says there’s a “real risk” Copenhagen is heading into a property bubble.” Though a collapse isn’t imminent, “the danger signals” mean that apartment prices in the Scandinavian city “could reach an unsustainable level relatively fast should the current pace of price gains continue,” said Joachim Borg Kristensen, a housing economist at Nykredit.

Yes, after a 60% increase in 3 years, that is a safe assessment.

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