In Uber fight, London may mandate five-minute wait for a ride

UK taxi cc

Why, other than blatant pro cab company cronyism is such a restriction being put on Uber drivers? Uber is a better product than your standard cab ride. It makes more sense than the antiquated cab companies of old. In most cases it’s cheaper and the service better than what we used to have. But the buggy whip…er…I mean… taxi companies around the world have worked to shut out competition by enlisting crony friends in city governments in an effort to stop legitimate progress.

At least London cabbies aren’t beating up Uber drivers (with union blessing) like they are in Paris.

(From MarketWatch)

In an additional blow to Uber, private car hire drivers will be allowed to work for only one operator. The companies will also not be allowed to immediately show the location of cars on their apps, even if one is around the corner. If the rules are adopted, Uber said in an email to users, it would be the “end of Uber you know and love.”

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