More Democrats Now Favor Socialism Than Capitalism

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I remember when the Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Union blew apart because socialism is a self eating soul crushing ethos of envy and blind compliance – yes Sweden too – that someone, I forget who it was said, “Watch, the socialists are destroyed now, but freedom has not won, they’ll try to convince another generation.” And so the socialists have.

Many people believe that the 2008 crash was due to capitalism. It was in no way due to capitalism. It was due to unabashed central planning from the Federal Reserve and other planners in Washington DC who worked with crony capitalist partners on Wall Street. In capitalism there would have been no bailouts, and they wouldn’t have been necessary anyway. But regardless, many people, bright people, seriously believe that capitalism is the culprit.

The sad fact is what many people believe will solve the current economic challenges, more economic intervention, is the very thing which screwed everything up in the first place. But ignorance has overwhelmed logic in many circles, to the point that Democrats in this country look more favorably on socialism than on capitalism. These people will jump off the political and economic cliff because they don’t know better and are surrounded by people who also don’t know better. Lemmings are collectivists.

And they will take the rest of us with them if we let them.

(From Alternet)

This month, YouGov decided to poll the same question. Surprisingly, Democrats now have a more positive view of socialism by double digits:

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