Native Americans Can Now Grow and Sell Marijuana Legally on Reservation Lands

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Each sovereign reservation will have the choice whether to legalize or not. But this is progress I’d say.

My feeling is that if Native Americans can make some money off of liberalizing paternalistic laws, gambling, pot, I say good for them.

(From Forbes)

Native American tribes are poised to move into the lucrative legal marijuana businesses. As a sovereign nation, a Native American tribe can open a marijuana resort even in a state where pot is illegal. With spreading legalization and taxes being levied right and left, tribal tax advantages could also be huge. A Native American tribe in South Dakota plans to grow and sell marijuana despite state law, benefiting from a 2014 Justice Department decision stopping U.S. attorneys from prosecuting Native American tribes that grow and sell pot on reservations.

The Associated Press says that the Santee Sioux tribe is the first to grow and sell marijuana in an integrated operation. The small tribe of 400 hopes to use the profits for housing, a clinic, and addiction treatment.

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