New ‘VA Is Lying’ Billboard Opens Right Across From Phoenix VA Hospital

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We at ACC have been very critical of the Veterans Administration. People are dying waiting for treatment. According to a recent report 307,000 people have. (Recently)

Many of our veterans are trapped in a system which is run (often) for the benefit of the administrators and not the people who served in the military. Consider the VA bureaucrat who moved from DC to Philadelphia who was given $288,000 as a “moving allowance.” 

The whole system is corrupt. If anyone ever advocates for a “single payer” IE socialized healthcare system, just point at the the Veterans Administration and say, “Um no.”

(From The Daily Caller)

Directly across from the Department of Veterans Affairs facility in Phoenix stands a large billboard which reads, “VA Is Lying, Veterans Are Dying.”

The billboard is new as of Monday.

The Phoenix VA has become emblematic of scandal and corruption in the department. Whistleblower retaliation, police corruption, unauthorized access of private medical records, manipulating waitlists and poor staffing of the emergency room are just some of the allegations the embittered facility has had to face. It is ground zero of the waitlist manipulation controversy, which began in 2014 and led to the resignation of then-VA Secretary Eric Shinseki.

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