Republican voters are spitting mad at the establishment GOP

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And they should be. The establishment to date has tossed aside the grass roots and has worked to undermine the everyday voter at every turn. Why is Boehner out? Because Republican voters didn’t trust him and they made it known. Why did McCarthy run into a brick wall. Similar reasons. Why is Paul Ryan hesitant to take the Speaker reins? Because Republican voters are sick to death of being sold out and Ryan wonders if he can handle the heat.

The American people have solidly rejected the President and the Democrats in 2 recent Congressional elections. It is to the point that the Dems are basically a regional party. An urban one with a solid base of voters but one confined to California, urban centers in the Midwest, and the Northeast. Yet Boehner and McConnell and many other Republicans have failed to move forward with a smaller government agenda. GOP voters have begun to realize that the cries of the “Reagan Revolution” never held true for the Bush Republicans who have dominated leadership in recent years. There has never been any real effort to reduce the size and scope of Washington DC. The Republicans just wanted the spoils of the town just like the Democrats.

Now, with the Internet people are better informed. Republicans do not tend to be union voters, or “block” voters like the Dems. The are more independent generally than Democratic voters. This independence is now bursting forth.

The TEA Party warned the Republicans. It was very clear. You get your act together or we are coming for you in a big way. That big way is here.

(From The New York Times)

The anger of Republican primary voters at the political class could have blistered the paint in a conference room during a focus group in Indianapolis.

“We did what we were supposed to do: we wrote the letters and we made the phone calls, and they did not listen,’’ said Marenda Babcock, 60, a freelance writer.

“We’ve lost our voices as constituents,’’ echoed Christopher Berry, 50, who works in agriculture.

Dwight Podgurski, 58, coordinator of a campus ministry, compared Washington to the cesspool depicted in “House of Cards.’’

House of Cards is fiction, but at times barely so. there’ plenty of real cess in DC.

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