Television News Network Lobbyists Are Fundraising for Hillary Clinton


And it's a type of "liberal" bias. It's not Ralph Nader liberal. It's big government, pro-corporate, bias.
And it’s a type of “liberal” bias. It’s not Ralph Nader liberal. It’s big government, pro-corporate, bias.

An excellent article from The Intercept, though it is not tough enough on the media for what now appears to be a screaming pro-crony, pro-statist, disposition. And for all the issues we have with Republicans it is fair to say that the media is obviously and blatantly now anti-Republican.  (As witnessed at the debate on Wednesday.) A Republican must now be elected president despite a pretty much unrelenting anti-Republican and generally pro-Democrat mantra from almost all media outlets these days. (Of course this is NOTHING compared to the challenges third party candidates face. They don’t even get to be in the debates.) That being said, The Intercept does actual journalism and deserves a bookmark.

(From The Intercept)

And while their focus is on things like the type of questions asked by debate moderators, they are overlooking much clearer signs of potential conflicts of interest. Fundraising disclosures released this month and in July reveal that lobbyists for media companies are raising big money for establishment presidential candidates, particularly Hillary Clinton.

The giant media companies that shape much of the coverage of the presidential campaign have a vested stake in the outcome. From campaign finance laws that govern how money is spent on advertising to the regulators who oversee consolidation rules, the media industry has a distinct policy agenda, and with it, a political team to influence the result.

The top fundraisers for Clinton include lobbyists who serve the parent companies of CNN and MSNBC.

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