To get an English degree at UCLA one must take courses in gender, race, ethnicity. Not required to read one word of Shakespeare (Video)

Shakespeare cc

Seems logical to cut out the most important writer in the English language in favor of explorations in grievance studies.

Political correctness is anti-intellectual. It has infected our universities and to some degree our broader society. It is a dumbing down of the academy. It is a cult of fear. A PC Terror which permeates higher learning in the USA.

Dare speak the truth? The truth which does not fit into the tortured logic of cultural Marxism? (And that is what political correctness fundamentally is.) You will be ostracized from the official academy. You won’t achieve tenure if the powers that be even have an inkling that you may stray from the politically correct path.

Samuel Clemmons couldn’t find a professorship in all the land these days. Well, at least not in California.