10 Reasons Illinois Bureaucrats (And Their Friends) Are Thankful Today

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If one is a state employee and one wants to game the system and just abuse taxpayers few states are better than Illinois. There is California though. (Weather is better there too.)

(From Forbes)

10.  Highly compensated Drivers Ed teachers – Four instructors clear nearly $900,000 in total compensation at Hinsdale High School District 86 (Hinsdale) “earning” base salaries up to $165,003, plus rich benefits. State taxpayers guarantee lifetime pensions.

5.  Junior college pre$idents – In Southern Illinois, at small Lewis & Clark College (Godfrey), President Dale Chapman enjoys lavish compensation of $540,000 and a contract through 2019. In 2012, Moraine Valley Community College (Cicero) paid President Vernon Crawley a final year salary of $674,210 up from $399,169 the previous year.

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