A good idea: City allows people to pay off parking tickets with food donations

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I despise parking tickets primarily because they are such a racket. Washington DC, the major city in which I drive regularly collects tens of millions of dollars in parking ticket fines each year. If one visits DC keep an eye out for the folks in the red jackets. They’ll answer your questions and give you directions but they are also patrolling the streets looking to fine drivers.

I’ll grant you that there are legitimate reasons for parking tickets. Parking in front of a fire hydrant is legitimate cause for a ticket in my book. But generally one gets the feeling parking tickets are a scam.

I’d feel better about things if I could pay any tickets off by giving the equivalent of my fine to the local food bank.

(From Kentucky.com)

Those who donate 10 canned food items will receive a $15 credit on any parking citations issued by either LexPark or the Lexington Police Department from Nov. 16 through Dec. 18. Customers with multiple citations may bring in 10 cans per citation to receive the discount. For example, for a $30 ticket, customers can bring in 20 canned food items instead of paying $30 cash. Most meter citations are $15.

Past-due parking citations will also be eligible for the program that’s now in its second year.

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