Argentinean Libertarians Point Out Macri’s Big Government Credentials

Baires. Setiembre 4 de 2012. El jefe de Gobierno porteño, Mauricio Macri, puso en marcha hoy el plan que prevé extender la red de wifi a todas las bibliotecas públicas de la Ciudad. Lo hizo durante una visita a la biblioteca Martín del Barco Centenera, en la calle Venezuela al 1.500, donde estuvo acompañado por el jefe de Gabinete, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, y por el ministro de Modernización, Andrés Ibarra. Foto Mariana Sapriza-gv/GCBA.-

The victory over the Peronists in Argentina is clearly a victory for the Argentine people and for freedom generally. However, Macri comes to power with much to prove. Will he break with the cronyist system which is so entrenched in Argentina? Can he?

(From The PanAm Post)

Unlike most speakers, renowned economist Jose Luis Espert brought some caution to the prevailing excitement and optimism in the room. He said that he was skeptical about Macri enacting free-market reforms.

In his keynote address, he warned that Macri, while a businessman, “doesn’t have the background of a pro-capitalist or a fierce competitor.” On the contrary, Espert told the audience, Macri demonstrated during his time as mayor of Buenos Aires that he was “rather a fan of big government.”+

Nevertheless, he did acknowledge that Macri will be “more reasonable” than a Kirchner successor.

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