Charles Koch: We are doling out welfare for the wealthy

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For decades “conservatives” have bemoaned welfare generally, but most of the attention has been on conventional welfare for the poor. And this area of public policy deserves more scrutiny and radical reform. The welfare laws in this country are seriously messed up and have done much to erode the underpinnings of American society. We have created a taxpayer subsidized underclass in this country.

But conservatives have, at least until now, largely ignored the subsidized “overclass” which has emerged in recent years. Crony capitalism and corporate welfare drain the pockets of taxpayers at least as much as traditional welfare does. Likely much more.

(From The Hill)

“In a free and fair society, the role of business is to provide products and services that make people’s lives better,” the energy magnate wrote. “This creates a win-win situation for customers and companies alike, generating what I call ‘good profit.’

“But that’s not how many businesses act today,” he continued. “They aren’t benefiting themselves by benefitting others – they’re benefitting themselves by harming others.

“They believe that securing government handouts is more lucrative than making a product or service that improves people’s lives,” he added.

Koch then charged that the federal government uses its financial and tax laws as a means of rewarding those who serve its interests.

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