Clinton blasts Pfizer, a major Clinton donor

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In April of this year we did a post on Ms. Clinton’s “populist” rhetoric. In it we featured this quote from a Politico article:

Anyway, say senior financiers, any grumbling comes from those who do not understand political reality or who are predisposed to oppose Clinton. They take refuge in the idea that Clinton’s rhetoric is more reflective of political necessity than some deep-seated animosity toward the wealthy.

“Basically this is a Rorschach test for how politically sophisticated people are,” said one Democrat at a top Wall Street firm. “If someone is upset by this it’s because they have no idea how populist the mood of the country still is. And what she said is just demonstrably true. People at the top have done well and those at the bottom not so well.”

“The fact is,” the Democrat added, “if she didn’t say this stuff now she would be open to massive attacks from the left, and would have to say even more dramatic stuff later.”

See, you know and I know that she’s just SAYING these these things to get elected. Don’t worry. We fund her. She’s our girl. But there are a lot of dumb people out there who will believe her and will vote for her based on this baloney.

And no doubt this “political sophistication” extends to the folks in the land of Big Pharma.

(From The Washington Examiner)

“For too long, powerful corporations have exploited loopholes that allow them to hide earnings abroad to lower their taxes. Now Pfizer is trying to reduce its tax bill even further,” Clinton said Monday after the company confirmed rumors that it was merging with Allergan to create a “corporate inversion.”

However, Pfizer has donated heavily to the Clinton Foundation, giving between $1 million and $5 million to the charity, according to donor records. Contributions to the Clinton Foundation are tax deductible.

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