Congress Alleges US Government Hands Over Unaccompanied Migrant Children to Criminals

The desert is just one of the dangers these kids face.
The desert is just one of the dangers these kids face.

Some end up as cheap labor at a chicken farm, some may end up in prostitution.

All of this is further evidence of the collapse of progressive ideals. That we are somehow able to help people despite the stew of government/private interest and moral and economic corruption which often defines the American system. 

(From Breitbart)

Grassley and Cornyn say a whistleblower told the committee that — based on a sampling of government data — a number of the guardians, into whose care the government placed apprehended unaccompanied alien children (UAC), had a criminal history.

“According to the whistleblower, data compiled on a subset of UAC sponsors demonstrated that at least 3,400 sponsors of 29,000 listed in a UAC database have later been determined to have criminal convictions including re-entry after deportation, DUI, burglary, distribution of narcotics, domestic violence, homicide, child molestation, and sexual assault,” Grassley and Cornyn wrote in a letter this week to Department of Homeland Security Sec. Jeh Johnson and Health and Human Services Sec. Sylvia Burwell.

“Several of these criminal sponsors are even associated with, or actively engaged in, the practice of sex trafficking and human smuggling,” they added.

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