Crony cannabis goes down in Ohio

buddie c c

Legalizing cannabis is a good idea for about a million reasons. Instituting a legal cartel to sell and distribute pot is however not a good idea. Guess Ohioans agreed.

I think the reaction has been been a collective “meh.” Legal pot is a matter of time at this point and it’s best not to have a monopoly running the industry in Ohio anyway. (Or anywhere else.)

(From The Columbus Dispatch)

Curt Steiner, campaign director for Ohioans Against Marijuana Monopolies, said, “Issue 3 was nothing more and nothing less than a business plan to seize control of the recreational marijuana market in Ohio … Never underestimate the wisdom of Ohio voters.  They saw through the smokescreen of slick ads, fancy but deceptive mailings, phony claims about tax revenues and, of course, Buddie the marijuana mascot.”

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