Extra pay for Chicago police and firefighters is excessive, unsustainable (Taxpayers get out now.)

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A few weeks ago we posted on Finnish police wandering the streets of Helsinki looking for pizza which was priced “too cheaply.” The reason? The fear that pizza vendors were selling at a price which didn’t generate enough sales tax revenue for the socialist country. In that post we explained that in many parts of the American big government archipelago, the Northeast, parts of the urban Midwest, and much of California it was likely only a matter of time before “pizza police” became reality. (It has already begun.) The pension obligations of these cities are detached from reality. The baby boomer city workers now retiring expect to get paid (despite the unrealistic nature of the pensions) and they will make sure that every dime of possible revenue is squeezed out of the resident populations of said cities. We advised then that if one lived in the archipelago to consider getting out while one still could.

If you are young you’d be particularly nuts to stay in these cities. Go to someplace warm, with a relatively low tax and regulatory burden. Trust me, the quality of your life and your family’s will be much higher. Life doesn’t have to look like Chicago.

(From Chicago Now)

The study’s headline finding was that out of the more than 35,000 city workers in Chicago – from librarians and lawyers to sanitation workers and firefighters – 32 percent of them took home six figures last year. That’s compared with 11 percent of Illinois state employees and 12 percent of Cook County employees.

The average take-home pay for all Chicago Fire Department employees, including clerical staff, was more than $111,000.

Clearly, something is amiss in the Windy City.

Yeah, no kidding.

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