Hidden Camera: Officials at Cornell & Yale Shredding/Ripping the Constitution as it “Triggers” Students (VIDEO)

Constitution_We_the_People cc

These are the people running some of the most prominent universities in this country and they appear to have no problem literally shredding the US Constitution.

Likely these people know how wrong their actions are (or at least have an inkling), but they live in a world where political correctness, where avoiding offending someone, is more important than the principles upheld in the Constitution.

In fairness, judging by the windowless offices of the administrators in the attached video the people seeking to placate this weepy “student” are not at the senior level. However, assaults on the Constitution and free speech are not isolated things these days on college campuses (we include some examples below) and as such we feel this video is entirely within the bounds of criticism.

The Constitution is a product of the Enlightenment and an incredible human achievement. It is not a document of oppression. It is a document in most respects of simple human liberation, a break from the oppressive king and state. It is a revolutionary document, and this is what many simply do not understand. Liberty and free speech are radical and “progressive” (in the good sense of the term).

Political correctness and the coddling of those without the fortitude to withstand being “offended” is against the spirit of the University.