How One Missouri Town Generates Revenue By Treating Its Residents Like Criminals

Long exposure to capture the full array of police car lights. 12MP camera.

I’m guessing that the above headline was not written by a member of the local chamber of commerce.

(From Forbes)

One March day in 2013, Valarie Whitner received a rude welcome when she came home to Pagedale, Missouri: A police officer spotted Valarie, arrested her and threw her in the back of a squad car, before driving her to city hall. Only after Pagedale’s chief of police became involved was Valarie free to go. Incredibly, an unspecified “building code violation” caused Valarie to get handcuffed.

For over seven years, Valarie and her partner, Vincent Blount, have been fighting Pagedale’s zealous code enforcement efforts. In Pagedale, a St. Louis suburb with just over 3,000 residents, practically anything can lead to heavy fines and the risk of imprisonment.

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