How the Federal Government Continues To Victimize American Indians

Cibuque_Fort_Apache_reservation_settlement,_Arizona cc

As we have said before, there is no group who has gotten a more rotten deal from the US government than the American Indians. And that deal continues to this day. Many American Indians live in the last pockets of the 3rd world in the United States. Under the direct watch of Washington bureaucrats of course. (Who are often paid nicely.)

(From Red State)

Upfront I will stipulate that the treatment of the American Indian by the federal government has been nothing less than an egregious nightmare. It is a case study in progressive paternalism that has enriched a small coterie of privileged contractors, provided a bevy of bureaucrats with job security and self-importance, and reduced the American Indian population still living on reservations to a dystopic and nightmarish existence.

Ground Zero of that progressive utopia is the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs, a federal bureaucracy that notionally looks out for the best interests of the American Indian but in reality is equal parts corruption, incompetence, and a racial spoils system.

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