Lawlessness? Obama to continue with amnesty despite court injunction, DHS to take on new powers

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This is third world stuff here. I am sad to see such a power grab in my country.

So there are 4 options on the table, all in defiance of the court order. One even grants official Employment Authorization Documents to everyone in the United States illegally. Everyone.

As we’ve said many times we are for immigration, particularly of the legal kind. But this is Obama flouting (that’s the kindest word we can use) the law. The lesson has been learned. Create a fait accompli and then let people try to unwind it. Take that middle America.

I hate to say it, but this is just flat out dangerous. The massive influx of immigrants might be disruptive, that’s one thing, but a US president acting in such a way is deplorable. This is still the United States of America. The Department of Homeland Security doesn’t just get to decide that it makes the immigration laws in this country. The president is not a dictator.

This needs to be fought. Close attention needs to be paid. Sunlight must be shown.

I hate the feeling that the president holds me and many of my fellow Americans in such deep contempt. I understand partisanship. I appreciate that people have very different points of view. But the efforts by this president to go around Congress, and now around the courts, is deeply disconcerting. This is not the way presidents are supposed to act. Not in this country anyway.

(From The Hill)

As mentioned, the first plan the memo discusses basically entails giving EADs to anyone physically present in the country who until now has been prohibited from getting one. A major positive to this option, the memo reads, is that it would “address the needs of some of the intended deferred action population.” Although DHS doesn’t say it expressly, included here would be those 4.3 million people covered by the president’s DAPA and Expanded DACA programs whose benefits were supposed to have been halted in the Hanen decision. On top of working around the Hanen injunction, this DHS plan would also dole out unrestricted EADs to those on temporary non-immigrant visas, such as H-1B-holders (their work authorizations being tied to their employers) and another 5 to 6 million illegal aliens thus far not covered by any of the President’s deferred action amnesty programs. By claiming absolute authority to grant work authorization to any alien, regardless of status, DHS is in effect claiming it can unilaterally de-couple the 1986 IRCA work authorization statutes from the main body of U.S. visa law. While DHS must still observe the statutory requirements for issuing visas, the emerging doctrine concedes, the administration now claims unprecedented discretionary power to permit anyone inside our borders to work.

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