Lawrence Lessig Calls Out Dems for Changing the Rules in Announcing Withdrawal from Race

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Lessig is one of my favorite liberals. I disagree with him on many many things, but he is not a lockstepper. He has done excellent work on the issue of Internet freedom (though he threw in with the Net neutrality folks) and the Democrats would have done well to have included him in the debates. Heck, Lincoln Chafee got to be in the debates, surely Lawrence Lessig should have been included.

But I’ll bet the possibility of Lessig bringing up the suicide of Aaron Swartz (founder of Reddit and friend of Lessig’s)  while being harassed by the Obama Justice Department scared the party a bit.* Anyway, it’s the Democratic voter’s loss.

(From Mediaite)

Lawrence Lessig, a Harvard professor and internet policy activist, has been running a long-shot presidential campaign for almost two months (though you may not have heard of him), but he put up a video on his YouTube account today announcing he’s dropping out.

While Lessig has neither been part of the Democratic debate nor gained any real national traction, the professor has been running a crowdfunded campaign and literally promised to pass one law before resigning.

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*Plus if there was anyone who could speak with authority on Hillary’s email problems it would have been Lessig. No doubt that wildcard contributed to keeping him out of the debates. 

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