McDonalds french fries return to “socialist” Venezuela at $113 a serving

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It is a large serving though, so keep that in mind.

The central planners in Venezuela have really done a number on their economy. We’ve been following the meltdown there for a while. Slowly but surely the place has fallen apart. No soap. No toilet paper. No french fries. No beer.

That’s right, no beer. At least the last time we checked in the national brewery was on the edge of collapse. A Latin American country without beer is not a good thing for anyone. And no papas fritas to soak it up?

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So if you want to eat “healthy” by force, if you are looking for a new diet plan and you don’t have too many hangups around hygiene and murder rates, hop a flight down to Caracas. They will help you achieve your desired weight one way or another.

Viva Socialismo!

(From Breitbart)

After a potato shortage forced McDonald’s to remove them from menus, Venezuelans will now once again be able to purchase French fries at local franchises — made using only local ingredients, and costing about $133 for a large serving.

McDonald’s, which runs more than 100 restaurants in the South American nation,announced in January that they would no longer be able to sell French fries in the country. Initially, the American chain claimed a “contract dispute” had prevented them from continuing to export the fries out of the United States. “We will continue to give our clients the McDonald’s experience, offering 100 percent Venezuelan options,” McDonald’s announced then.

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