Milton Friedman explains why progress comes from free enterprise, and why socialism is as greed centered as any economic system (Video)

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We have our problems with Mr. Friedman, particularly on big monetary issues. But he was brilliant as one can see here.

This is a great example of why people who don’t want to really explore where wealth and prosperity come from often attach themselves to socialism. It’s simple. Greed = bad. Capitalism = inequality. And so on.

But really explore the issue, to the point where one is uncomfortable, where one is really challenged, and it has been my experience that statism, especially in light of the massive failures of the 20th Century, is not a viable political ideology. (The Marxists of the 20th Century at least hadn’t seen the failure of their ideology yet. In the 21st Century Marxists no longer have this excuse.) That is assuming of course that one doesn’t want people enslaved and would prefer that people have some sort of quality of life. That’s a big assumption, because some people are cool with state induced enslavement.