Morning Joe speaks the truth: Scarborough Blasts Mainstream Media’s Liberal Bias: ‘They Are Embarrassing Themselves’ (Video)

“Outside of Britt Hume who has been a conservative in the mainstream media over the last 30 years?” …You can’t name one.”

scarb cc

Finally, finally the Republicans are sticking it to the media which has always been against them.

Look, we are no particular fans of the Republicans as we often say, but it is about time the GOP called the #oldmedia out. Good job Joe. We’ll forgive you for hugging supercrony Valarie Jarrett for this one.

Now let’s get the Greens and the Libertarians into the general debate.


And the #oldmedia is starting to realize that the long awaited drowning by the #newmedia is clearly on its way. The #oldmedia has been too fat, too happy, too arrogant, for too long.  They have taken their power for granted. They have treated anyone who does not subscribe to a northeastern progressive worldview with contempt. Indeed they have treated the American people with contempt.