National Review Says: Obamacare Is Dead

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It’s a bold statement, but basically it’s a correct one. The co-ops are falling apart. Many are already bust. People are losing their health insurance because of these blow ups. Still others can’t afford to sign up in the first place.

Add that it turns out you can’t keep your doctor. Turns out Obamacare doesn’t save money for most families. Turns out it does cost the country massive sums. No wonder it’s basically kaput. Repeal of Obamacare may not even be necessary.

(From The National Review)

Regardless of whether there is a President Cruz or a President Rubio in January 2017, regardless of the existence or size of a Republican majority in Congress, the so-called Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) has failed. The grand vision of an efficient pseudo-market in health insurance under enlightened federal management — the heart of Obamacare — is not coming to pass. Obamacare, meaning the operating model that undergirded the law that Congress passed and President Barack Obama signed with great fanfare — is dead, and it will not be revived. What remains is fitful chaos.

One important point which Kevin D. Williamson makes is that about 7% of the population doesn’t fit into a hypothetical normal insurance system. These people are the profoundly ill and disabled. Solutions for this 7% need to be explored with vigor. Obamacare does indeed need to die but we need to figure out how to care for this 7%.

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