Report: Top Politico reporter trades favors for access (To Chelsea Clinton?)

Politico's beat.
Politico’s beat.

The crony media is not a new topic here and the news that one of Politico’s top dogs promised to be extra special nice to Chelsea Clinton in an interview doesn’t surprise us. It probably doesn’t surprise our readers either. But it is worth noting how cuddly the generally liberal but often excellent website is, with, well, politicos. I have been to a few Politico functions. “Lovefest” is too strong a word, but just barely.

(From The Washington Examiner)

To wit, one State Department email between Allen and former Hillary Clinton aide Philippe Reines shows the Politico reporter tried in 2013 to leverage access to the former first family by offering to give Chelsea Clinton a softball interview.

The Jan. 10, 2013, email from Allen to Reines read, “This would be a way to send a message during inaugural week: No one besides me would ask her a question, and you and I would agree on them precisely in advance. This would be a relaxed conversation, and our innovative format (like a speedy Playbook Breakfast) always gets heavy social-media pickup.”

“The interview would be ‘no-surprises’

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