Scarborough Interviews Charles Koch: We Want The Government To Stop Picking Winners and Losers


I am pleased to see Charles Koch fighting back and explaining himself personally. I think that in many regards the principles Charles Koch stands for are the principals most Americans stand for. Sorry, but Harry Reid and the DNC aren’t the good guys in this squabble.

Some believe that the attention paid the Kochs is right out of the Alinskyite playbook. That is, identify (and if need be create) a political target. Focus fire on that target. Mock the target. Isolate the target. And so on. That Barack Obama was a student of Chicago Alinskyite “community organizing” is not a coincidence.

But it appears that the long attack has largely failed with the Kochs. Good.

As Koch points out in this interview, for all the money the brothers raise and give, their efforts are countered by far more money from other sources which seek to expand the government and the system of crony capitalism. The Kochs want to make government smaller. Everything I’ve read or seen from them indicates this. They want more of life in the hands of people and not in the hands of power brokers and politicians. That is an admirable thing in my book.

(From Real Clear Politics)

SCARBOROUGH: What, what would you say to your critics who say you’re just like any other crony capitalist. You give money and so you expect something in return. Take Donald Trump, he said I give people money expecting that they’ll do what I want them to do.

CHARLES KOCH: I expect something in return. I would love to have the government stop this corporate welfare. That’s what I want. I want the government to, to let companies, or require that companies only profit by helping make other people’s lives better. That’s what I want and that’s what I’m working for.

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