Statists gonna state, Argentina’s soon to be former crony president says she’s going to remain in the spotlight

25-09-09 EEUU - Pte EEUU.

Christina Fernandez de Kirchner apparently has no interest in bowing out of politics gracefully. Ala Nancy Pelosi she will remain in the political wings, waiting for an opportunity to reassert herself, keeping rivals from rising, and making sure her presence informs the political decisions of allies and enemies alike.

Some readers may wonder why we periodically focus on South America. The reason is that that part of the world went down a very statist and very crony route about 10 years ago. The so called “Pink Tide.” Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina all embraced a version of generally lefty populism with all the programs (and problems) one might expect. This tide is ebbing in a big way now as big government, yet again, fails and fails badly.

But that doesn’t mean that the statists want to accept their failure or the turn in the public opinion.

Word comes today that a Venezuelan opposition leader has been assassinated. So case in point.

(From The AP)

“Know this,” Fernandez told thousands of supporters late last month. “I won’t be president Dec. 10, but I will always be there for the people when I’m needed.”

But the lack of clarity over her future has not stopped speculation. Some theorize she is positioning herself for a presidential run in 2019 while others say her political era has run its course.

In the short-term, Fernandez will try to keep control of the Peronist Party, which maintains a majority in the Senate, the largest bloc in the lower house and governorships of 15 out of 24 provinces.

She’ll have some powerful allies, including son Maximo Kirchner, who leads large political youth movement called La Campora, and outgoing Economy Minister Axel Kicillof. Both have been elected to Congress.

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