The interests of teachers (unions) and of students (and their parents) are fundamentally different

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I hated public school I have to admit. I had some wonderful teachers but I also had some – too many – who were not particularly bright and who seemed to be just ticking off the minutes until they retired. And I went to school in one of the “best” public school districts in the country.

Teacher unions are a huge problem in this country. They are among the most crony organizations there are. They operate in the interests of the teachers – who at one time were considered “professionals” in this country until they unionized – and not in the interests of the students taught by teachers. And this is understandable I suppose. But parents need to be aware of this conflict of interest.

I will add a note and say that I have 3 kids in public school currently and I really have no complaints. The quality of the instruction is high. But we are fortunate to live adjacent to one of the great universities of the world (where the resident population demands academic excellence) and in a non-teacher union state. Most kids probably have an experience more like the one I knew when I was younger.