The Useful Idiots Do Their Thing: Violence as anti-capitalist march hits London

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And then there are these guys going around bashing cars in “anti-capitalist” protest.

It’s disappointing because these people, in an act of what they think is defiance, are actually jumping up and down asking for the shackles to be placed around their ankles. Capitalism, the voluntary exchange of goods and services, is the economics which most benefits the 99%. But some people will never believe that. They’ve been told the opposite their entire lives. They have been told that instead of capitalism a system of modern feudalism, with the state as lord and “citizens” as subservient serfs will solve their problems. That toiling for the state will benefit them and that such a system will be more “fair.” Plus it will cut those awful rich guys down to size. (Often the parents of the kids running around in the street which is probably at the core of the issue here.)

If the “rich guys” are crony capitalists they deserve serious and uncomfortable scrutiny. That’s one of the reasons we do what we do here. But the window smashers don’t understand the difference between capitalism and crony capitalism, and frankly to be a serious critic of the current economic and political issues we are presented with today one must understand the difference.

But I don’t entirely blame the kids for their ignorance. Many of their professors and “leaders” don’t understand the difference, or choose not to understand the difference. The crony capitalist critique undermines the religion of statism to which so many have laid in prostrate worship for most of their lives. “What do you mean capitalism, voluntary, non-coercive, economic action leads to widespread wealth for everyday people? That is not what Saint Marx said. That…just…can’t…be…right. “

But it is.

It’s simple ignorance. It’s ignorance wrapped up in important sounding treatises by eminent scholars, but it is ignorance. Indeed these folks throwing a fit in the streets of London (for the wrong reasons) are the lowest rung of what VI Lenin called “useful idiots.” That is students, some workers, academic types, etc. who can be used and manipulated because they don’t know better. Then when the revolution comes, these people are liquidated as vestiges of the bourgeois past.

Tonight kids in London donned Guy Fawkes masks, stamped their feet, and broke (other people’s) toys, but they did nothing to further their own freedom. Quite the opposite. “Please, please take away any little bit of liberty we have. Please.”

They are caught in the Marxist/Hegelian dialectic trap and they don’t even know it.

Useful idiots.

(From Yahoo News)

Activists set a police car alight and scuffled with officers in riot gear in central London as thousands took part in a “Million Mask March” anti-capitalist demonstration on Thursday night.

 Many activists wore the white masks associated with the international Anonymous network at the march, an annual anti-establishment protest that takes place on Britain’s Guy Fawkes Night.

Demonstrators threw fireworks and bottles at police, some of whom were knocked from their horses, while several bleeding protesters were treated for injuries as authorities tried to contain the march.

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