The world is much better off than many think (And this is largely due to capitalism) VIDEO

Professor Hans Rosling visited the Swedish pavilion on Monday, May 31. By: Tobias Andersson AĚŠkerblom

A wonderful video from Hans Rosling and Chanel 4 News explaining global wealth in relative terms.

This one is pretty great too.

But if we continue to let the crony state grow, this progress will be curtailed to a significant extent. Consider if the Internet were rigorously regulated for instance. Or if the incredible medical achievements developed in the United States did not filter down to Europe and then the broader world because we had over regulated health care.

(Think about poor Argentina. It could be a 1st world country now if it were not for its massive government and regulatory state. In 1900, before the big government Peronists came to power Argentina was wealthier than the USA per capita. Now, after almost a century of crony capitalism Argentines earn 1/3 that of Americans. 1/3.)