Tonight’s Debate Now Beyond Insulting as Moderator Meets with Campaigns Beforehand (Plus, why on Saturday night?)

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It’s like they are trying to have a debate without having anyone actually see the debate.

Saturday night is a great time to do politics. People will be on the edge of their seats – watching football.

This whole process with the DNC stinks. There is one candidate in their eyes and one candidate only. And they think that Democratic voters will put up with these shenanigans. Sadly, they probably will.

(From Mediaite)

This will be the only debate scheduled in Iowa before the January caucuses. Will viewing parties be held far and wide across the Hawkeye State? Absolutely. Except most won’t be watching the candidates, but the actual Hawkeyes in the form of the undefeated University of Iowa football team as they take on Big-10 rival Minnesota. “Do I think that the DNC almost certainly knew that the Iowa game was scheduled for 8 p.m., and now the debate is scheduled for [the same time]? Yes,” says Democratic strategist Bob Shrum in an interview with National Review. “If you want to diminish the audience for the debate, and if you want to protect the front-runner, you would do that.”

What also diminishes an audience from a national perspective is scheduling any event on a Saturday night, which is easily the least-watched evening in television. But here’s the real irony: Mrs. Clinton acquitted herself with a fine performance during the first Democratic debate last month under solid questioning from moderator Anderson Cooper. It helped, of course, she was up against three sea turtles and a cowering socialist…

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