Uber offering horse and buggy rides to protest regulations

horse and buggy ccDate night!

If you are in Austin I highly encourage you to take advantage of this situation. How often will you have the opportunity to be driven around town in a horse and buggy? Seriously guys, this is a real chance to make a move.

And Uber named the service after the stick in the mud Luddite who has sought to make life harder for Uber, its drivers, and most importantly the public.

(From The Austin Statesman)

The “special service” is named after Council Member Ann Kitchen, the chair of the Mobility Committee that reopened the debate over regulating ride-hailing services this fall after a yearlong grace period.

“Kitchen’s plan would require Uber driver partners to undergo the same background requirements of horse and carriage operators in Austin,” Uber spokesperson Debbee Hancock said in an email. “One would hope that the City’s laws would innovate with technology but in this instance, that doesn’t seem to be the case.”

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