Unease, But Little Opposition as France Curbs Basic Freedoms

She is from France.
She is from France.

We in the West made it through the whole Cold War without tossing aside our freedoms for the most part. In the face of nuclear annihilation we remained relatively free. Indeed it was these freedoms which helped us define ourselves relative to our totalitarian communist rivals. Our freedoms were what made us, us.

But this sentiment, this general reverence for freedom, has been on the wane since September 11th 2001. The attacks in France seem to have spurred an even greater move toward a soft totalitarianism in the West. People are inviting the governments of the world to take their freedoms.

Liberté is precious, and it was hard won.

(From Antiwar.com)

Police are now free to search people and houses without warrants on suspicion of “conspiratorial activity,” and despite the implication that this was supposed to target terrorism, officials are already using it to raid the homes of people suspected of drug possession and the like.

Likewise, the government is free to place people under “house arrest” and to detain people in an open-ended fashion without charges on any government perception that they may conceivably pose a threat.

…84% of French voters are eager to accept “certain limitations of freedom” in the name of increased government control.

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