VA will let officials keep taxpayer money they stole

rubens cc

The VA system is single payer healthcare. Now imagine the fraud and abuse we see here magnified exponentially and you have what some people want in this country. In the name of “justice.”

The below is truly disgusting. This is the sort of thing which makes people completely distrustful of government. Remember, these alleged fraudsters get to keep hundreds of thousands of dollars allegedly taken from the taxpayer, but some of our veterans can’t even get in to see a doctor so they can be treated for sickness. Sometimes they die waiting. We’re talking about hundreds of thousands of veterans.

This is big government. This is the big scam. This is government run for the people who run government, cronies.

(From The Washington Examiner)

Two officials at the Department of Veterans Affairs who allegedly defrauded the agency of $400,000 will walk away with the taxpayer money they took after receiving demotions and unspecified pay cuts as punishment.

Diane Rubens and Kimberly Graves were both accused ofmanipulating a VA program meant to relocate agency employees who transfer long distances to take jobs within the VA. Rubens fraudulently netted more than $274,000 and Graves more than $129,000, according to the agency’s inspector general…

…Miller noted the VA “aggressively” goes after veterans or their surviving family members when they accidentally receive overpayments from the agency, but allow its own executives to pocket bonuses or benefits they obtain illegally.

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