Vatican properties are operating as BROTHELS and massage parlours for priests, claims latest Vatileaks report

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I grew up Catholic. We had family friends who were priests. I was an altar boy. My mother even once worked for the Church on “peace and justice” issues. I have a certain love for Catholicism, like one loves a long passed relative or something. But I am Catholic no more and haven’t been for a long time. Though I remain a Christian.

I have seen the Church do good things. I have seen its positive influence in the world. But wow, the Vatican seems deeply deeply dysfunctional and in some ways it appears much worse than dysfunctional. (It just never seems to end.)

(From The Daily Mail)

Vatican-owned properties are being used by priests as brothels and massage parlours, according to the latest claims to emerge from the Vatileaks scandal.

The properties implicated in a report, leaked by a Vatican mole, include premises close to the Italian Parliament and a solarium near Piazza Barberini.

A Vatican department, the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith, owns hundreds of exclusive properties in central Rome, was also singled out in the document.

It claimed that Vatican officials were allowing buildings to be leased out at peppercorn rents as favours to powerful colleagues.

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