Walmart’s $10 Smartphone Has Better Specs Than the Original iPhone


Say what you want about Walmart but the place delivers for its customers. The store offers inexpensive relatively high quality goods which help people make ends meet. The slogan, Save Money, Live Better is legit. The company is by no means perfect, (it has some really crony tendencies) but it deserves credit occasionally for the good things it does.

Consider the power a smartphone puts in the hands of people. Now for $10? That’s practically a miracle.

(From Motherboard)

Walmart is now selling a TracFone-branded LG smartphone that costs $9.82 (it also ships free if your online order total tops $50). Now, there are a few reasons why you may not want such a smartphone—for one, it’s running an outdated version of Android that may make it vulnerable to hackers—but there’s no denying that it represents something pretty special.

For less than $10 (plus the cost of data access) the user gets access to the Google Play app store, giving him or her the power to summon transportation at the push of a button, instantly connect with friends, and watch livestreams from all over the world. A bona fide smartphone, in other words.

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One other thing. I do not get why people do the locked in phone plans. I’ve used Virgin Mobile for almost 10 years now and it provides great service at considerably lower cost than the traditional cell phone service companies.

Part of the reason people stick with Verizon etc. is because they can finance the newest phones through such plans. But should phones really be financed?