What Bernie Sanders Won’t Say in His Socialism Speech Tomorrow

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A very interesting bit of history. I did not know that Bridgeport Connecticut had had a socialist mayor. (I lived not far from Bridgeport for a while.) But particularly interesting is how tightfisted this “red” was with the public purse. He seemed (according to the below account) to have actual respect for the taxpayer. Something some people believe the current most prominent socialist in America lacks.

(From Reason)

One name they generally don’t mention, and which I’m pretty sure Sanders won’t mention either, is Jasper McLevy. McLevy and Sanders do have a few things in common: Both were self-described socialists who became popular mayors of New England cities. But Bernie Sanders is not a Jasper McLevy socialist. If he were, he’d be preaching austerity instead of denouncing it.

Jasper McLevy was a member in good standing—and sometimes not-so-good standing, but we’ll get to that later—of the Socialist Party. He also served as mayor of Bridgeport, Connecticut, from 1933 to 1957. Elected on a promise to clean up the town’s notorious corruption, he pursued some of the policies you might expect from a Socialist: His city government took over trash collection, built public housing, and bought the local airport. But he also cut taxes, slashed the municipal debt, instituted competitive bidding, at times rejected state and federal aid, and regularly balanced the budget. Above all, he was tight with the public purse. His reputation as a skinflint was cemented after 1938, when a story circulated that he had been reluctant even to spend city money plowing the streets; asked why the snow was piling up, he supposedly replied, “God put the snow there; let him take it away.” He didn’t actually say that, but the fact the legend was so persistent speaks to his parsimony.

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