Donald Trump: the ‘Anti-Corporatist’ Candidate? (No.)

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The author of the attached piece says that he has heard people argue that Trump is an anti-corporatist candidate.  I haven’t heard much of this and that would be a silly argument to make. Trump, like his chief rival in the Democratic party, has embraced corporatism, though in different ways. This should be pretty obvious.

(From CATO)

Republicans have been highly critical of the Obama administration’s propensity to throw money at so-called “green energy” companies. But Trump is just as big a supporter of taxpayer subsidies for alternative energy sources. Defending his support of subsidies for wind turbines, for instance, Trump explained that “you need subsidies” because it can be hard for wind to be competitive in energy production, particularly when prices for fossil fuels are so low.

Trump’s support for corporate welfare can’t be explained away as pandering to key voter groups, either. It’s heartfelt and longstanding. As far back as 1986, Trump opposed Ronald Reagan’s tax reform because it eliminated corporate loopholes, including special tax breaks for real-estate developers; he warned that it would be “a disaster for the country.”

I will give the guy a kind of credit. He admits he games the system.

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